Sunday, October 17, 2010

Classroom PaperDolls

This is one of the first bulletin boards we did in as a class. It involved our names and images of ourselves.

First - using sentence strips folded in 1/2 3 times to create 8 equal squares. Each strip I wrote one students name horizontally on one side, vertically on the other. I trimmed the excess squares or glued a few to accomodate long or short names. Then we worked as a class to create the crosword puzzle that shows us all connected.

Next - the students created images of themselves. I cut 7" paperdolls out in various skin tones. Then using PeachyKeen stamps gave them all faces. I cut tag board into large pieces to use on my 12 x 24 mats. In these I cut out a variet of hair, shoes and clothing for my students to trace. Originally I was going to give them the cuts to trace and then decided to use the sheets as templates too. My kids traced their choice of clothing, hair and shoes onto a plain piece of paper, colored and cut out to mount to their paperdoll.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

My Hubby --My Hero

This blog entry is long overdue. I have been sidetracked the past month and a half by health challenges my husband has been going through. He is generally the healthiest person most of us know. He is a UPS driver, who runs daily for a living. Love that StairMaster - the steps in and out of his truck and up and down the apartment buildings. The first week of September saw him develop we thought was an allergic reaction to some unknown substance or a bite. Then other symptoms started to show up. This prompted a doctors visit. That visit turned into a multitude of visits to specialists and a myriad of tests. Yesterday was the last piece of the puzzle - a biopsy. A long and stressful day for both of us. Now to wait for the final answers.

He has been a bit overwhelmed with all the information, and activity surrounding him. I am glad I have been able to use some of my accumulated sick days to be with him every step of the way. But he has been the HERO through all this. He has kept his own outlook positive and given me strength when I was overwhelmed and worried. He is my hero today, and always. So I made this card for him to go with the silly games... that I put together as a recovery basket.

The Superman emblem is cut at 4". I inked the edges of the yellow and red with brown chalk ink from CM. The background mat was from a stack I bought but I don't have name. I embossed this with the clockworks folder for Cuttlebug, and inked the raised images. Sentiment printed on paper and mounted with foam squares.

For the inside I cut several tools from Handy Man (lite) at 2.5" to add to my sentiment. This is a reference to his trip to the Emergency room a few years ago while working on a home improvement project. He was hit in the head with a board that came loose as he was getting ready to nail it in place. Split open his scalp. The person who attended to him used staples to close the wound. A STAPLE GUN!!! Poor hubby still has a hard time with this idea.

My papers are all from various CM paper packs, with the exception of the mat on the front of the card.