Sunday, October 17, 2010

Classroom PaperDolls

This is one of the first bulletin boards we did in as a class. It involved our names and images of ourselves.

First - using sentence strips folded in 1/2 3 times to create 8 equal squares. Each strip I wrote one students name horizontally on one side, vertically on the other. I trimmed the excess squares or glued a few to accomodate long or short names. Then we worked as a class to create the crosword puzzle that shows us all connected.

Next - the students created images of themselves. I cut 7" paperdolls out in various skin tones. Then using PeachyKeen stamps gave them all faces. I cut tag board into large pieces to use on my 12 x 24 mats. In these I cut out a variet of hair, shoes and clothing for my students to trace. Originally I was going to give them the cuts to trace and then decided to use the sheets as templates too. My kids traced their choice of clothing, hair and shoes onto a plain piece of paper, colored and cut out to mount to their paperdoll.