Saturday, November 26, 2011

Time for Some Cozy Quilt Sewing

Seems most of my free time has been eaten up by Report Cards, prepping for the holiday, and to a lesser extent crafting. I have managed to carve out at bit of time the past 3 weeks to get several quilt tops finished.

First, I pulled out a partially finished set of blocks. Bought the fabric years ago, cut out the pieces, made two blocks and set it aside. I completed several more blocks so I had at least enough to make a wall hanging, but don't want to make anymore! So, this is what I ended up with:

I am happy with the results. I really like the purple and orange combo.
    - Pattern "Autumn Splendor," form Quilt Maker Magazine, Spring 2000
    - Block size 10"
    - Quilt size 50" x 60"

Have you ever bought a kit for something that looked great, but then you get it home and it seems scarier or more complicated than you thought it would be, so there it sits? I did that with this next one. It had been purchased to make as a wedding gift. But I got home and it sat for almost a year.  I opened it back up last week and discovered it wasn't as hard as I thought!

It is off to the Long Arm Quilter for the finishing touches. I can not wait to see it finished.
    - Pattern "Cambridge Square," by Ro Gregg, for Northcott
    - Block size 7.5"
    - Quilt size 81" x 81"

I have one more top to share later in the week. I am almost finished. Feels nice to have something completed!

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