Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Wish I was my cat...

I am extremely tired this evening. I had a blast last night with a great group of ladies, running around Disneyland after hours. We were participating in the annual Minnie's Midnight Madness Castmember fundraising activity. Basically MMM consists of a 4 member team tethered together, walking briskly from one end of the park to the other, multiple times, searching out clues, solving puzzles, acting out Bohemian poetry, or other silly stunts. After each task we had to walk (running is not allowed) to the central hub in front of the castle to return our answer and get a new task. Have to say it is a great night, even if I did crawl into bed about 1:15 am only to be nudged awake by my alarm at 5:30 am. UGH! (that is the drawback, but I will pay the price)

This evening as I have been sitting in my comfy chair vegging, I can not help but think I would love to be my cat, Stitch,. right now. He can always find a comfy spot to sleep, will sleep anytime and in just about any position. Yep, to be a cat! What a great life! Here are a few of my current favorite photos of Stitch doing what he does best.
Stitch helping my friend Kim quilt.

Any place will work for a cat nap...even a paper cutter if it is a sunny window.

This is his favorite sleeping position...REALLY! We call it kitty yoga.
Don't you wish you could bend like that?

Well, I think I am about ready to call it a night. Hopefully tomorrow will find me refreshed and ready to create a few new things for my classroom. Until then, good night.


WAM Family said...

LOL, I wish I was my cat at least 3 times a week. He can sleep anywhere and at anytime. Today I feel that way also. Stitch is a very beautiful cat.

Thank you for sharing, looking forward to more post.


thescrapbookgirl said...

I want to be your cat too! What the heck?!?!

Kate said...

Your girls night out at Disneyland sounds like so much fun! I often wish I could sleep like my furbaby as well, she's a black lab. Great picture of your cat on the paper trimmer!

Michele said...

wow, your cat is beautiful. What pretty markings he has!

Can't wait to see some more crafty projects! :)

Stampin' said...

Beautiful cat!