Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend, #2

Yesterday, after sending out the post about Operation Write Home and the Memorial Day Blog Hop, my hubby and I spent the day at our local ScotsFest: Clan Gathering and Highland Games. It is an annual event for us. Love listening to the Scots sense of humor, especially with the Scottish brogue. Then there are the Pipe Bands, Dancers, Folk singers... guys in kilts, lots of redheads, and of course Highland Games like the Caber Toss. But my favorite part is always the sense of National Pride that surrounds the event. Not only pride for our Scottish heritage, Scots tend to be fiercely loyal folk - regardless of how long it has been since they have lived in Scotland. But also a very strong pride at being Americans. Those that served are applauded and thanked again and again...

The first day always starts with the presentation of the clans and their tartans, the singing of the national anthems, and a salute to the branches of the military. I thought I would share a photo I took yesterday during the anthem.

Both men in this picture were in kilts with sporran, knives. This was the scene around the arena where we held the opening event. To me it summarizes the pride such an event evokes, as well as all that Memorial Day stands for.

Make sure to thank someone who has done their part to keep us safe, or their family members if necessary.

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