Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Meeting Merida and other Scottish Activities

My husband and I both had Friday off. So after a morning appointment, dear hubby dropped me off at Disneyland while he went to a dr. appointment. I grabbed a muffin, some coffee and headed back towards "It's a Small World" to the area set up for "Brave" and Merida the heroine of the story.

I found a comfy spot across from the entrance and pulled out my Visual Journal, to sketch. I love people watching and sketching at Disneyland. Loved the little boy, about 7 who was sitting about 10 feet from me who kept wandering a bit closer each time he walked around while his parents dealt with a sibling...I know he was trying to get a peek at what I was doing without getting too close for me to notice, but I noticed.

I left room for Merida's signature.
 A few hours after I started my hubby came to meet me, wearing his Utilikilt, ready to meet Merida. We spun the wheel to find our clan - Dingwall. Then off to meet Merida, the bear cubs

 and some archery practice.

While waiting our turn with Merida, the Monorail came by sporting it's "Cars" paint scheme. So cute.

This was a 3D display at the ScotFest. Brave was one of the sponsors this year, quite fitting don't you think? They even had a wig (hanging on Dingwald's hand) for you to put on so you could pose as Merida with the backdrop.

Keeping in the Scots frame of mind, we were off the next morning to the ScotsFest in Orange County. We love attending this event each Memorial Day. It is our chance to immerse ourselves in our ancestral history/culture. Great music, good food, lots of red heads and kilts.

Highland Dancing competition.

One of many great bands competing at the Festival.
"Bad Haggis" performing on the Alex Beaton Stage. The lead musician and piper can be heard on many familiar soundtracks including Titanic.

Hard to see but the Caber is center, right in front of the man with the dark red and black kilt.

Our favorite activity is the Caber Toss and other athletic events as part of the Highland Games.  Though the Caber Toss looks like an activity of strength, but it really is a game of strength and skill. Participants lift a pole, balancing it on their shoulder until they are upright. Then the goal is to lift and toss the pole so that the end in their hands flips over and lands as near to 12 o'clock as possible.

My journal page, sans the journaling, from yesterdays events.

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