Friday, June 1, 2012

A Gift of Zentangle Therapy

Recently I have been coming across some wonderful stories of inspiration and healing that are related to the Art of Zentangle. Many are heartbreaking and yet heartwarming at the same time. It has made me continue to reflect on the benefits of Zentangle and other art/craft pursuits in my own life. As a teacher, though I love my job, it can be stressful and mentally taxing at times. Art and Zentangle specifically can be such a relief from that part of my job.

A tangled card I made to go with my gift.

One of my colleagues has announced that she is retiring this year. She has had a tough year, both at work and in her personal life. Today is our District Retirement Party. I cannot wait to give her the gift I purchased for her – A Zentangle Kit – for her very own. I have added a list of inspirational and instructional websites she might find useful. I hope she will find the same relaxation and calming effect as she explores Zentangles as I have.

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Zentangle Kit - This is how I got started.
 Here is the list I put together:
- the originators of Zentangle
- Good newsletter
- Originators blog
- ideas and inspiration
- collection of tangles, and how to do them
- also collects inspirational stories about Zentangle and therapy/healing
- Carole Ohl is a wonderful artist
- Great examples, inspiration
- weekly challenge
- New Challenge each Monday
- Good way to learn a new tangle or practice one you know
- Look at what everyone posts for their “entry” in the challenge for inspiration
- fun uses of tangles in other art
- does a weekly “round up” of Zentangle info
- New each Friday
- Look here for ideas, inspiration
- Jennifer's story is quite an inspiration
- Her work is gorgeous
- website for local shop that carries Zentangle materials
- offers classes – see website for info

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