Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Olympics and Some Ink

If you are like me, you have been caught up in the Olympics. As a former competitive swimmer, I spend my time watching the races in the pool. My husband is excited as he gets to watch the BMX races for the second time. He is an old BMXer himself. As a member of the BMX Hall of Fame and one of the first generation racers, he is proud to see the sport now accepted in worldwide circles.

I sat and sketched in my journal some of the highlights of the Opening Ceremonies. I tried to pick out a few of the events that stood out to me. I am not sure that some of the flags I drew are accurate or even actually representative of a country...(more the concept).

Not long after starting my Visual Journal, I began to read about using Fountain Pens to sketch with. Naturally I had to try this out. I now own several different pens. Of course then I had to play with inks. I found a great sampling program at Goulet Pens. Each month they send their "Ink Drop" - 5 small vials of inks. Each month there is a theme around which the inks are chosen. The July Ink Drop theme was the Olympic Rings. Last week Brian Goulet announced the start up of a monthly Ink Drop contest.

The rules:

You can submit any kind of writing or artwork.
It can be an ink review, a poem, a watercolor wash, a sketch, or even get all scientific with chromatography... it just has to be ink on paper.

I asked my friends to give me words they think of when they think of the Olympics, or the colors of the Olympic Rings. These words I sorted by number of letters so that I could see what I had to work with. Then I began writing choosing words at random that would fit the space I had. I am happy to say that I used every word we came up with and I think I only repeated 2 words anywhere on the  page.

Here is my entry:

Please visit Goulet Pen and then click on "July 2012" to view my work and that of my "competitors." And make sure you vote. Voting Form (July Ink Drop Contest)Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog...even though I am not so consistent. I know it is hard to keep your attention when there is a Gold Medal race to watch somewhere.

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