Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A More Simple Way of Life???

 Though I am usually one of the first to look at new technology to enhance or support my teaching, I am also the one that threatens, at least once a year, to pack up and move to Pennsylvania, to an Amish community, disavowing any form of technology. (that would be after an extremely frustrating day with things not working , usually someone elses computer.) I am all for the use of technology in a variety of ways. Though I don't trust it either. I know that sounds funny, but I have seen too many issues that have become disasters in the making.

Lately, I have had good reason to distrust technology, as back-ups have gone haywire. I have spent a large part of the summer, recovering data from one dead hard drive. Then staring a various older backups and the recovered data to try to piece together so I have everything back in one place.

All of this has put me in one of those "I want to be Amish" moods. Especially as I sift through the contacts and addresses that are on my phone -seems to be an update from my work computer, and the older addresses from a back-up. This is, or was, the last straw for me. I hadn't updated my ancient Halmark Address Book in about 15 years! So that was no help either.

My recent feelings toward my computers!!!!

As with all good projects, one thing leads to a completely different project. I decided I need a physical back-up to my hard drive when it comes to addresses and phone numbers. So off I go hunting for an address book. A REAL, honest to goodness, paper based address book, like my old one. This  was not an easy task. Then, to contact anyone I know I can get a hold of via Facebook, email or text to double check all their info. I am glad I am doing this, as I have learned a few people moved without telling me...
My sad, neglected, very out of date address book (left) beside it's replacement (right).

A few reflections of my recently acquired pursuits, shows this thought as well.
  • Postcrossing - sending and receiving postcards via "snail mail"
  • Fountain Pens - writing long hand
  • Writing Letters to friends and family (instead of email...) - a long forgotten, missed activity
  • Calligraphy Class - penmanship actually mattered
  • A REAL Address book - yes, I will still have one on my computer, but the hard copy is my most up to date.
Can you see what I see? I have started to move away from technology. Back to a slower, more thoughtful form of communication?

My quiet spot to sketch and write.
So what have I taken away from all of this? Technology is good -- But --- Sometimes the Simple Life is better.Find a quiet place to spend a few minutes writing a quick note, a chatty postcard, or longer missive. It will make you and the recipient smile. We all need to take a few minutes to enjoy a slower life.

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Mrs. Duffy said...

I'm on board with simplicity! Technology is supposed to simplify our lives yet it seems to spread us too thin instead. Sometimes it even feels like a hostage situation. I keep my addresses on recipe cards for easy alphabetizing.

I wish you simplicity!