Saturday, September 29, 2012

Focus....Focus, dude...

The title of this post is a line from Finding Nemo. I feel it is appropriate to my life at the moment. Well, maybe, my life most of the time... I am trying to get my mind and life back in focus, after a crazy start of the school year, adding Calligraphy Classes to my weekly schedule, as well as a few other events.

(I have started and stopped this post so often I think I will proof read it and post it no matter what.)

I am still busy with Postcrossing. I had my 50th Postcard arrive at it's destination! Kind of a milestone of sorts. Here are a few cards I have received lately:

I have been taking a Calligraphy class for the past 2 1/2 months. I kind of jumped into the middle of a year long course, starting session 3 of 4. Oh well, it was an interesting learning curve the first few weeks.

Our "final" project for Session 3 was designing a card that we could reproduce and use. My first attempt was a Thank You card I can use in my classroom. I had my original reduced and printed on card stock. Then I added color with watercolor paints.

My second attempt was more elaborate, a birth announcement. The week of our last assignment, my "daughter"(see story) had her first child, Rowan Ian. So I am now a Grandma.

I was able to go out and visit the little family last week. Holding the precious, sweet baby boy was quite an experience for me. Not only see see this adorable little bundle just snuggle down, comfortable and content. But also to see the radiant, poised young lady who gave him life. Wow! I can't find words to describe the awe I feel at how she has grown up...

I wanted to try to draw Rowan, but I am chicken. I don't feel comfortable drawing more than a childlike version for my 3rd graders to see. So I took a hint from Lyric Kinard, and transferred major lines by tracing a photograph.

My first attempt, I outlined in pen. I don't like the look. So I tried watercolor pencils. I like that one better.

top: 2nd attempt, bottom: first attempt.

So, as you can see I really need to find a focus, or maybe a few less things to focus on. I have felt like I have lost it on this blog. Or maybe I just stick with my original plan for this blog and bounce around with what interests me.

I leave you with several photos of Rowan and all his other Grandmas.
Ivette's Mom, Maritza.

Jeremy's Mom, Cheryl.

Rowan's GREAT Grandma!


L.B. said...

The calligraphy class is fun fun and love your thank you apple. Congrats on the new addition to your extended family!!

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