Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Just putting up a short post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We are planning to celebrate with friends tomorrow. Should be fun.

I thought I would share my husband's masterpiece. He loves decorating for Christmas. We have several hundred ornaments, including 24 Carousel animals, 96 Disney ornaments (16 are Tinkerbell), enough hand blown glass and painted tin ornaments to do themed trees for each. Yep we have fun decorating the inside of our house.

OK, so here is his newest tree. Hubby has wanted to have an upside down tree, hanging from our ceiling. That way ornaments would hang outside the branches, giving them more visibility. Earlier this year we saw a commercial with a decorating idea, that gave us a possible way to make it happen. Here is a picture we took of the TV screen.

This is his final version of this idea, complete with hand blown glass ornaments.


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas. May you all be celebrating with friends and family, making wonderful new memories.


L.B. said...

This is stunning. With the glass hanging it just sparkles. So great!!

QuiltFrog said...

Thanks L.B..I will pass on your comments to Hubby. He is pretty happy with his first attempt, but already planning next year. :)

elle mental said...

Truly beautiful! I love all the glass ornaments...