Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So Many Interests...So Little Time to Post

I have been busy pursuing various interests this past month, but am having a hard time getting anything posted. So sorry. I am having a lot of fun. I am just not sharing it with you very often. Thank you for being patient with me.

Instead of rambling on and on like I usually do, I think I will just make this a photo essay of sorts. I will focus on my Lovely Letter activity (the project is now at an end, but I hope that our correspondence will continue.) As I mentioned before, my Lovely Letter partner was from Norway.

Our first task was a letter of introduction. Here is TMF's letter to me. I will not make it very legible as I am not sure I have permission to tell her life story on the Internet. But I do have to comment on her beautiful penmanship. It is incredibly consistent and well formed. I used it as a lesson with my students as what they should strive for.

Task 2: Ask 10 questions.

Well, poor T. After I shared her intro letter with my students, they had questions for her. So, she ended up playing "20 Questions" with me and not 10. T. was gracious enough to answer all of them even though I gave her the option of picking a few from my kids' list.

My students' questions:

My questions, each in a separate card that had some connection to the question I asked. I wrote a small blip about the card picture & connection to the question, as well as the question itself.

Answers to the questions was Task #3:

And finally, A last letter with a Post Card. (oops no picture to share.)

This has been a really fun activity. We had also signed up for a gift exchange. I had picked up some fun items for T. (my initial gift exchange partner) and then my partner was changes. I am still sending T. the goodies I got for her. ----I can't show you yet as she hasn't received it. Don't want to spoil the fun.

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Anonymous said...

i am NANCY come from Taiwan
a postcrosser too
i am sorry that i send you a package last week
would you got it >''<
i am so worry it will lost
can you send a message would you got it ?
thank you so much