Saturday, February 1, 2014

A Month of Letters 2014 - Let the Missives Begin

It is February 1st, do you know where your letter writing supplies are? I know my stationary, stamps, postcards, and address book are all within reach while sitting at my desk. I am ready to begin the A Month of Letters Challenge. I introduced you to LetterMo last year, as the brainchild of Mary Robinette Kowal. It began as a challenge to herself to back off of social media and focus on a slower form of communication with friends and family. According to It’s International Correspondence Writing Month, letter writing is “vintage social media". I think that is a great line. I loved participating last year, sending 112 pieces of mail during the month, wow. I wonder how I will do this year?

To participate along with me, go to the LetterMo website and register. Then log your mail each day, try some of the challenges, meet a new pen pal, or just chat about letter writing on the forums. You might also check out the Month of Letters page on Facebook.

To get you all in the mood for letter writing I thought I would share photos of mailboxes around Disneyland. I spent one morning walking the whole park looking for mailboxes. I missed a few in Toontown, it wasn't open yet. Disneyland used to have it's own postmark. I wonder if they still do? I might have to put something in one of the boxes just to see how it comes back to me.

Please don't put off participating in A Month of Letters because you don't think you can write 23 LONG letters. You really don't have to make them long, a few thoughtful words in a card are more than enough to make someone smile. So often we only get "real" mail at Christmas, our birthday, or Mother's Day. Why not break that cycle? Come join me spreading a little postal joy.
Off to register the five pieces of correspondence I sent today. I will leave you with the video that seems to have spread like wildfire the past few weeks. I just know that this kitty loves his daily game with the postman. I am kind of glad I don't have a mail slot, or this might be a video of my cat.
Cat vs Mail  It made me laugh, I hope it brings a smile to your lips too.


L.B. said...

so far I have sent 3 pieces of mail...hmm wonder if one was for you??? I am so happy to be part of this again. Thanks for sharing it last year.

Love the Disney mail boxes!!
(PS we are thinking of a Disneyland trip next Spring!!!)

QuiltFrog said...

Keep me in the loop on your planning. I should have something in the mail to you by the end of the week.

dosankodebbie said...

Congratulations! You won the Godzilla give-away! But I need you to send me your shipping address by August 9 or I have to pick another name from the hat. Please check my blog for details. I hope you're having a nice summer.