Monday, January 27, 2014

Quilting and Celebrations

This weekend seemed to be about quilts one way or another. We spent Saturday at our favorite quilt show, "Road to California" in Ontario, CA. There is always so much to take in and study. My ever supportive hubby went with me/ We have learned from our many trips to Disneyland (yes, this is a tangent - but stick with me) that the first hour is quiet, easy to get photos or go on rides. Dear hubby applied that lesson to our day at the show. We arrived early, were one of the first into the show area, and had many of the quilts to ourselves. Makes it so much nicer when you can actually spend time looking at details and handy work.

First up, another beautiful painted and stitched piece from one of my favorite artists and teachers, Patt Blair. I love studying her stitching on her quilts. They add so much of the detail.

We kept coming back to the dragon and his foe. He was quite beautiful. Her details were incredible.

This was one of the first quilts you would see as you came in the door. It was a big winner. The color and quilting technique was amazing. But this is not the side that you see first.

This was the first sight you were greeted with. The back of the quilt, which show cased amazing quilting, beading and crystal work.

I don't remember how many times we came back to study something about this quilt but it was quite a few. Every time we would find something else to oooh and ahhhh. My favorite is the variation on a Migrating Geese Border. I really have to figure out this one.

The show entries and even the vendor booths were inspiring. I came home excited to get back into my sewing room. I have finally convinced myself I need to bite the bullet and just start stitching my Sea Dragon I created in Patt's class.

Today, we celebrated  a first birthday with friends and family. Miss BL received a hanging height chart from me. Yes, I did cheat a bit by buying an adorable panel, layering it, quilting, and adding a bit to hang from.

I hope you all have something fun to celebrate this week. Find inspiration to create something.


L.B. said...

Such a cute wall hanging. The quilts at the show are wow...I am not a sewer but so recognize this talent.

QuiltFrog said...

Would love to be at the same level with these quilters. Perhaps upon retirement.