Monday, June 13, 2011

SMASH Books????

So, with all the talk about Smash Books and Visual Journaling on the Cricut Circle Message Boards the past few weeks I thought I would look into both ideas.

What are these ideas? Are they the same...?
As I understand it, a Smash Book is a blank journal where you create a collage one each page, filled with a variety of memorabilia, such as ticket stubs, thoughts, pictures...Kind  of (Journal + Scrapbook) x (shoebox full of various bits of memorabilia) = Smash Book. You can see a quick video explanation of the actual books for sale and ideas of what to do with them here.SMASH Book

A Visual Journal is a collection of thoughts intermingled with the owners own artwork, perhaps doodles, sketches... or even snippets of ideas and things that the Visual Journalist will expand at a later date.
I did think that a combination of these into one book would be a fun
I did think that a combination of these into one book would be a fun. Since I have already started a journal for the year, I will just add these ideas to that one. In the meantime, I can start collecting and creating for another SMASH book or journal.... OOH This could be fun.
Here are two of my past journals. I will save making them for another post.


Mary said...

These turned out Great! I love making Smash Books. I can't wait to see more of them.

Lisa said...

Great explanations! I can do a visual one and yours looks great!