Thursday, July 14, 2011

Beautiful Papers & Harry Potter Memories

Do you ever find yourself buying paper because you just love it, but have no idea how you will use it? I have found myself in that dilemma a few times lately. I just had to have EVERY piece of  Creative Imaginations' Harry Potter paper line when it came out. The problem is ...they are too beautiful to actually cut up or cover up!
As you can see I also could not resist the beautiful layered die cuts I found back in Jan/Feb at the Scrapbook Expo. I am just not sure how to use these papers in a scrapbook...the papers could be the page all by themselves.

 Not that I don't have pictures to go with them. We have made it a point to read each book at least twice (funny story - later on that), and watched each movie (many at midnight opening day). I have even listened to each of the books on CD at least 10 times a piece. (This is my preferred entertainment while quilting or crafting - love Jim Dale's voices!)

Two adorable children dressed up and ready to see HP and the Goblet of Fire (book 4) at a midnight showing.
We even helped sell the books as they came out. That story first. We have a good friend who owned a children's book store. She asked us to help her employees open at midnight to sell book 4 when it first came out, as she was going to be out of town. We had a blast with this and made it a priority each time a new book came out, actually planning the release parties for book 5, 6, and 7, including food, games, and prizes.

Back to funny story about the books. I had read the first 4 before my husband started reading them. He was on book 2 or 3 when I left to spend some time in Virginia with a friend. I get a phone call from my Dear Hubby a few days into my trip, saying he is mad at me. I have no idea why. But he goes on to explain...he was soooooo into the story he was reading he stayed up until 3 am and had to call in sick he was so tired. Obviously, it was my fault as I got him hooked on the books. ha ha ha.

Anyway, tonight is the midnight showing of the last piece of the story. I will be seeing it with several of my friends. DH has chosen to get some sleep so he can get to work in the morning. (perks of having the summer off for me...) I will try to get some more pictures of the crazy kids and their costumes, the crowds waiting, the enthusiasm for such a wonderful series of books and movies. Then I suppose I should finally figure out how to use all this wonderful paper.

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