Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back to School Organization

I am slowly working my way through a huge stack of things to organize, create, or toss. I bring home part of my files each summer hoping to whitle down the paper in my classroom. For years I have been creating my lesson plan book on the computer and then putting the pages in a binder. This is great most of the time. Now that I have more technology on my teaching station (Document Camera, Laptop, and Projector) I have less room for a whole binder sitting around.

My solution? I altered a legal sized clipboard. I started by tracing the top piece of the clip that connects to the board. This was a bit awkward since I could not really get paper up there. But I finally got it to work by cutting a piece down the middle so that I could get it up around the top. Then using that template I trimmed a  piece of fun school themed cardstock I found at my LSS.

I used Mod Podge - Matte finish to adhere the papers to the front and back. When those were dry I used Plaintin Schoolbook cart to cut out the letters "Mrs.Dain Lesson Plans."

Lastly,  I coated the paper with the same Mod Podge, 3 times, drying in between to give the clipboard a good finish.


Crafting Katie said...

Adorable! What a great idea! I love the cardstock you used - super cute!

L.B. said...

Super fun way to showcase lessons...We are slowly getting all this new tech at my school as well and I am excited with the new things. Happy back to school year