Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Vinyl, Gotta Love it!

My project Sunday, was to do something I have had in the back of my mind for about 5 months. LABEL things with my Cricut, vinyl.....

I have several small plastic drawer sets, will hold 9 x 12 paper, that now house many of my embellishments. They were in desperate need of some type of labels so that I don't have to open 1/2 the drawers every time I need something. (I am sure you know the feeling). So I broke out Cricut Craftroom, some pieces of vinyl, and a list of the drawers contents.

I used Grape, Aqua and Bright Green vinyl, and Making the Grade Cartridge for the lettering. Here are some of the drawer sets... I think they came out fine, and love how quick it was.

Then I pulled out some black vinyl Mickey and Friend Font, Billionaire Font, and oops, can't remember the third. With these I labeled the Container Store Drawers, that I purchased for holding my Cricut cartridges (when I did not have so many).

Since I just purchased three of the ArtBin Electronic Cartridge cases I took many of the carts that had been in these drawers out. I like the ArtBin boxes, especially for organizing specific themes or sets of cartridges. I chose to do my Fonts - most of the carts are in one ArtBin box. Specialty Fonts like Mickey and Friends... are in a second box. All of my Holiday Specific carts are in the third one. So, naturally I had to label these too.

I used Don Juan for these labels.

Tips for cutting vinyl:
1. Make sure your blade is on 2 or 3 (depth on the housing)
2. Make sure cut pressure is at 2
3. Make sure speed is on 3 so that the blade doesn't get caught up in intricate cuts....

Have fun!


just2ducky said...

Pretty sure you have a compulsive disorder sweets. But I love it!!! Looks fantastic.

L.B. said...

Love this...I am so in love with vinyl right now. Great organizing