Monday, January 13, 2014

Resolutions, Goals, To Do lists?

It is the second week in January, do you know where your Resolutions are? Mine are still in my head. I haven't really finalized my goals for the year. Of course the usual suspects of weight, exercise, eating well are all on the list. Keeping up on projects and housework are also on the list. I want to FINISH things this year.

First, I have pulled out my FLYLADY info to get me going on the housework end of things. Do you know about It is a wonderful place to learn simple, straight forward habits to keep clutter tamed and your house together. I had been using her Zones and daily tasks. The last year or so I became more lax and needed a tune up on my personal lists and tasks. I pulled down her suggestions and tweaked them to fit my house, family, activities, and schedules. I then typed them, printed them and mounted each Zone and daily list on scrapbook paper. This was mounted to thin card stock and all of it was laminated. I bound the pages into two booklets, one for the Zones (weekly focus), and the other basic daily/weekly tasks. Since it is all laminated, I can use a dry erase or visa vi pen to check things off, cleaning them with a damp paper towel at the end of the week. I am hanging them on the refrigerator for easy access and constant visibility. Zone lists.

Daily Checklists.

As you can see in the Daily list, I actually added a chunk of time for one of my many hobbies. I am hoping if I dedicate a specific time each week to various interests, I might actually get something done. Check out There are many wonderful ideas and helpful hints to help you get your life uncluttered.

I also finished two placements I promised a friend.  These were an unfinished project or UFO, floating around my sewing room.

One project checked off the list but several dozen more to go.

I can't very well leave this post with just boring old goal setting, house cleaning tips and unfinished projects. I had a kick yesterday at a "Fan Event" for the upcoming STARZ original series, "Outlander." This series is based on the book series by the same name, by Diana Gabaldon. This is one of my all-time favorite sets of books. It has a little something for everyone, mystery, intrigue, time travel, romance, and history. Oh, and a really hunky hero, Jamie.

Yesterday, Diana, Ron Moore (producer), Caitriona Balfe (Claire Randall), Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser) held a gathering and tea for fans of the books. I traveled to Los Angeles with two coworkers. We were joined by a red headed, kilt wearing chauffer, my husband Dennis. We had a wonderful time hearing about how filming is going, how they first heard of the books, and even a few little tidbits of the first season.


Ron, Diana, Caitriona, Sam

The spread for Tea.

If reading more is on your goals for the year, may I suggest Outlander, and the rest of the series. As for the other things on your lists, I hope you accomplish all you set your mind to this year.


L.B. said...

Great resolutions and what fun you had at the tea...My father loves these books so will have to let him know about the show/movie. Disney was wonderful..trying to decided when to head West for a visit to the land!!!

QuiltFrog said...

I can't wait for you to come out here so we can meet! Until then, you should try picking up the first book.