Monday, January 6, 2014

Long Time, No See, No Post, No Share, ...

It has been quite awhile since I posted. I could do the usual apology and excuses. But I think I will just say life got in the way, and then the habit of posting was broken. I had a nice break from the push to finish a project to share with you, but I miss having a place to share what I am up to. Since I had time to consider what I would do next on this blog, I thought I would share some of my thoughts.
  • Create a focus for various days of the week - Teaching Tuesday, Mail Monday...but this seemed a bit too much for me. I would be putting the stress of several post deadlines a week back into my life, not good.
  • Create one focus for the blog in general -  A Teaching Blog, A Cricut/Paper Craft Blog..., but that isn't really a reflection of who I am. For instance, if I just blogged about Quilting, I would post more between September and March than any other time of year. I seem to get into bigger stitching projects during those months, than any other time of year. I would end up with a blog that sits dormant half the year. - just like it did this year.
  • Create a specific day of the week to post, regardless of the topic I am posting.
After all of my deliberating I think Option C is the best. One day a week can be doable. If I get back into the groove then I can always add to the number of dates.
It is a New Year, so I will make this my Resolution for 2014, post each Monday. I hope that you will help keep me accountable to this resolution.
Ok, that is off my chest, now I can actually share something with you. My best friend's daughter's cheer team had a craft fair in November. I volunteered to have a table of quilted items. I had several lunch bags already made, and fabric cut for a dozen more. That was my "product." After coming home each night to sew for several hours, I had about 15 bags, plus a dozen pillow cases, larger totes and a bunch of lunch bag napkins.
My table at the OVHS Cheer Craft Fair.

I only sold a few things, but I had fun. I took the rest of the bags and things to school, and sold them to coworkers. I also ended up with several custom orders. All in all, I would say it was a success.

It was nice to get back to sewing. The only problem is I have very little for my Etsy shop. I had to close it temporarily. I will reopen later this month when I get a few new things made. I suppose this is actually a good problem to have.

Thank you for being so patient with my lack of posts. I really do want to live up to my goal of once a week. Please keep me going by commenting, and nagging as needed.



Coelle said...

Oh I just LOVE your quilted bags...esp the one with the saying about 'Friends'. If that's one you will be selling on Etsy, I'd be interested in getting. You do beautiful work.... your coworkers are lucky to have the chance to purchase!!!! Happy New Year!

QuiltFrog said...

Coelle, Thank you. I dug around in my stash to see if I have enough of that fabric left. I might just have enough to squeeze one more bag out. I will let you know if I do.