Sunday, January 16, 2011

Word/Shape Mini Scrapbooks

I am really having fun expanding my horizons. With my Gypsy I designed and completed 2 Word or Shape Mini Scrapbooks for gifts at Christmas. The first was a GARDEN Word Book for a wonderful young lady who is dating our best friends' son. The two of them spent a great deal of time last spring and summer helping our friend clean up and replant a beautiful garden, complete with flowers, paths, and veggies. So I thought a small album to collect a few of her memories would be an appropriate gift. Here are several pictures of the album as it was being made. This book is 5" x 11". I used Storybook for the letters.

Cardboard scraps cut out for the pages of the book.

Pages covered with thin, colored cardstock.

Finished product.

The second one I made for the same familys' youngest son, who ventured in to playing football this fall. So, he got a 11 x 11 Football shaped mini scrapbook. He was so tickled to get this. I am sure he will have fun reliving his memories for years to come.

I had a so much fun making these that I am working on a new one. I can not tell you about it yet since it is a surprise for someone, who might be reading this post...But I will share it soon.


Cindy said...

Nice books. You're very creative. One of these days I want to take some time and make a mini.

mommyfink said...

Oh I love making word books and you did an awesome job!!!!!!

L.B. said...

Both of these are so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

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