Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Goals

Well, I did not do everything on my January List, but I did get a good chunk of it done. I am resetting my goals and stating them publicly. (That way you can keep tabs on me.)

February Goals:
1. Post 1 time a week minimum on my blog
2. Enter at least one Cricut Circle Challenge in the month of February
3. Complete a minimum of 1 2-page layout per week in any scrapbook I may be working on
4. Attend one crop or scrapbooking night during the month
5. Cut and stitch the top to one quilt project (any size)
6. Make 6 birthday cards for upcoming events

January Goals, Recap:
1. Order about 2000 prints before the 3rd
2. Make at least 15 of 30 needed Valentine Cards for my students
3. Use 2 previously unused carts for cards or layouts
      - Hello Kitty, Greetings
      - Beyond Birthdays
4. Make at least one blog post a week- showing off my work...
5. Enter one of the weekly blog challenges - using something from above

Though I did not use Beyond Birthdays, I did use 2 other cartridges I had not used before, Disney Classics and Pack Your Bags. So I think I made my goals. YEAH!!!

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L.B. said...

So thought I left you a comment yesterday to say your goals inspire me to make my own..but guess not..I will add making sure my comments post to my own goals!!!