Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Quilts Revealed

Now that Christmas is behind us, I can post pictures of a few quilts I made for gifts this season. The two I share today were made for two special children in our lives. For purposes of this post I will just call them our niece's children, rather than going into the convoluted connections between our families. Our niece and here family just moved into their first "real" home. Now they have all the joys, and extra work of being "home owners." But I know they are loving it, compared to their small apartment.

The children were given the chance to pick the colors painted on their walls. C. is a girly girl, and chose a VERY vibrant shade of pink for all four walls. A. is into Star Wars and space. So his room was blues, greens and browns.

I did a Nine-Patch Pizazz quilt for A. using a fun space print and several solid bright colors.

For C.'s quilt I tried to tone down and enhance her PINK room, with a pale pink print. I found a 3D bow quilt pattern in an old magazine and knew that it was the one for her.

Of course every quilt needs matching pillow cases. You can see them on their beds as well. I still have a few more to share with you but they will have to wait for another post.

Hope you have a great day. Don't forget to do something crafty today.

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