Friday, January 18, 2013

A Month of Letters...the Challenge

I wanted to share a fun challenge that is launching on February 1st. It is called "A Month of Letters." The basic idea is to send some type of correspondence every day of mail service during the month of February. I know, kind of scary, right? But think about the postcards, thank you cards, note cards, birthday cards and, yes even letters you have been procrastinating to write.

I heard about this challenge in late February last year, and have been waiting to participate when it started up again. I am putting out the challenge to all of my friends and followers to consider joining in on the fun. You can learn more about the Month of Letters challenge on Facebook or A MONTH OF LETTERS website.

I have been gathering cards, stationary, and stamps. I am even making a list of people I want to write to, and when I think of something I want to say, I even jot that down. Nothing worse than getting into the middle of this challenge and not having enough people to send to or things to say.

As a special nudge to some of my friends, I am sending A Month of Letters Postcards to challenge them to jump into the fun with me.

Will you be one of the people who receives this in your mailbox next week? Will you accept the challenge?


L.B. said...

OH I wonder if I could be ready for this? Love the idea of knowing snail mail will be making the rounds. I think I have to try.

Anonymous said...

i am NANCY come from Taiwan
a postcrosser too
i am sorry that i send you a package last week
would you got it >''<
i am so worry it will lost
can you send a message would you got it ?
thank you so much