Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A Month of Letters...the Preparation

I am gearing up for February 1st. I can hardly believe that it is just around the corner. How come January is running away from me so quickly?

I am excited to be a participant in the Month of Letters Challenge, which starts the first of February. But I know there are bound to be some bumps in the road as I try to get a letter or postcard sent out everyday in February. I thought I would do a bit of prep work.

First, I am sorting and organizing my cards and stationary. If it is all one place I won't have as many excuses, right?

I got a bit carried away and created laminated index dividers for my postcards.  6" square  for the colored cardstock. 

Second, I started making a list of possible  people to receive these missives. Here is what I came with so far.
  • PostCrossing Members - this is contingent on having new addresses to send to
  • Birthday Cards - I have to know at least one or two people with birthdays next month
  • Get Well Card - With the flu out there, I am sure I can find one person in need of a smile
  • Pen Pals - I have gained a few of these through various venues the past 6 months
  • Friends and Family - Need I say more?
  • A Month of Letters Participants - Some of us have been swapping addresses 
That should cover me pretty good, don't you think? 

Last, I think I need to go back through my cards now that I have figured out some of my potential mail targets (now there is a picture), and see what matches. Maybe I will even cheat a bit and address the envelopes ahead of time so I don't forget who was supposed to receive it.

If you can think of anything I might of forgotten let me know. There is still time to join in on the fun.


L.B. said...

You are so prepared. I have only just ebgun thinking but am very excited for the month!

QuiltFrog said...

I don't want you to get the wrong idea. I am no where near this organized usually. I had some time on my 3 day weekend and felt like sorting. :)

PostMuse said...

You could write addresses on post-it notes to "hold" particular stationery for a particular person. That way you haven't already addressed the envelope and then find something else that would be better. After you write the letter, you can make note on the post-it of when you mailed it, and file it in a small notebook as a sort of record.

Denise said...

Oh, your organization is so much nicer looking than mine. I'm going to post a blog entry later today with my writing space and supplies. It's organized but it isn't pretty. ;)

Make sure you have plenty of stamps!

QuiltFrog said...

Post Muse - Love the post-it note ideas. I am going to add that one to my early prep.

Denise - I can tell you that beautiful organization won't help in the long run. :) I have to actually use it too. ha ha ha

Jackie said...

Wow, that's quite a collection you have there! I love your organization method, too.