Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Clean Drawer = Infomercial Entry

This week’s contest for Cricut Circle Members is to “Show us (Provo Craft) your BEST Cricut project and you could win a coveted spot in an infomercial …” So I wandered around mulling over ideas in my mind… while working on other projects, birthday presents… Last night as I was falling asleep an idea came to me that would allow me to clean out some things I have collected and play with my Cricut.

As Disney Annual Pass Holders my dear hubby and I have spent a lot of time at “the Park,” and began collecting pins of our favorite characters, special events, or fond memories. We collected too many to keep on a lanyard or two or twelve… so most ended up in a drawer. This was the foundation for my project. Find a way to mount the pins in a shadow box in a cheerful and appealing way. The Shadow boxes I found at Michael’s are called “4-Way” Adjustable Depth Project Frame, 12“x 12”. They have 3 small spacer frames between the glass and the backing that can be added or removed as needed to allow for the thickness of your items. I also grabbed some 3/16” foam core board. I chose to focus on just one selection of our pin collection, Goofy. --- I had soooo many pins I ended up having to use 2 frames.

Here is the shadowbox I purchased and one of the 3 spacers that came in the frame.

The materials used:
Mickey & Friends Cartridge
1 – 12 inch square of 3/16 inch per frame
1 – 12 inch square 4-way Adjustable Depth Project Frame
Cardstock – black, white, peach/flesh, pink, blue, orange, brown, green (1-2), yellow (2-3)
Patterned paper (12x12)
Adhesive – glue pen, extra tacky strips, & glue dots
Steps to make your own pin collection board:
Mount patterned paper to foam core board using extra tacky tape.
Cut Goofy #3 at 7 inches.
Cut Grass (sun Layer 3 non shift) at 1 inch, you will need 8 – 9 of these.
Cut Sun, all layers, at 3 ½ inches.
Adhere all character pieces together and add to your 12 x 12 mounted foam core.
Set your collector pins on board (do NOT push into core board) to look at arrangement.
Add glue dots to bottom end of each pin. **Make sure you do the next step on top of a protected surface such as a cutting mat -quilting, CM shape maker...- otherwise you may put small holes in your table top. Pins will stick out ever so slightly*****Poke pin points through patterned paper and core board, making sure to push straight down, adhering glue dots to board.
I layered the frame contents as follows: Glass, spacer, foam core, spacer, backing...

I know there are many places we visit on vacations offer small pins for collecting, or trading. With all of the cartridges such as Destinations, etc. this project could be easily adapted to use with pins collected on a special road trip. - I think I will do one with our pins from Yosemite, along with a few Cricut cuts and a photo or two.... OOOOH new project.

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L.B. said...

This a great idea for the pins. My family just took our first trip to Disney and thanks to a starting stash from ebay we collect 3 laynards full of pins. I love what you did.