Sunday, August 1, 2010

You are My Shining Star Quilt

Yesterday my hubby and I had dinner with our "daughter" and her hubby (newlyweds) to catch up on life as a wedded couple... But before I go into that, I should probably explain why there are quotations around the word Daughter. Ivette is one of my former students - 19 years ago, in 4th grade. Her mother and I became friends over the years that Ivette and her siblings were at the school. As Ivette grew up it became evident to her mother and I that Ivette's social style (personality) was much more like mine than her mother's. This lead to many phone calls in which mom would hand the phone to Ivette and say, "Talk to your other mom," or "What is Ivette thinking? I don't get it?" --to which I would explain why people like Ivette (and me) would react a certain way. Needless to say supporting Ivette and her mom has been a highlight of our life. We would not trade any of it. She has been such a special part of our lives. We have been there to support all of the wonderful things Ivette has done. We love her dearly and are so proud of the poised, intelligent, successful young woman she has become.

For her wedding I wanted to make a quilt. The only thing I asked of the happy couple, was what colors? Ivette and I narrowed it down to the colors of their wedding - Black, White, and Teal. The black and white fabric was easy. Finding the right teal was a bit trickier. Finally found a few in the new Hoffmann Challenge Fab. Line. that matched well.
  Then for pattern. Something striking I think. How about a Lone Star with a twist (Larger inset diamonds). I found the pattern in "Lone Star Quilts & Beyond" by Jan Krentz . Here is the base star block.

And here is the finished quilt. I love the gradation of color in the black and white dot fabric I found for the setting pieces, and the "glow" of the thin teal strip circling the star.

I had it quilted by LongArm Quilter, and friend, Livinia Rosas. Here are some shots of some of the quilting. I love how Livinia worked various designs into the different shapes of the quilt (diamonds, setting squares, boarders.... )

The center of the quilt.
Setting square.

Shining Star Quilt (because she is our shining star) with the newlyweds!


Brigit said...

It's a stunning quilt, just beautiful!!!

Jenny Gibson said...

Okay the quilt is gorgeous. That gift will be loved for years and years to come.

KreativeKarla said...

This is beeeeutiful!
Love the colors!