Friday, August 13, 2010

Wi-Fi Blog update or Gypsy? Gypsy wins out!

Panera is one of those wonderful places that provide free Wi-Fi. I thought maybe I would make a post on my blog and figure out some of the other settings… Well, my Netbook acknowledged their connection but refused to stay connected long enough to do anything. I moved seats several times – this was the manager’s suggestion. Even sat right next to someone else who was not experiencing difficulties…Needless to say, I did not get online. So what is a girl to do? Pull out her Cricut Gypsy, of course. **you know, when I first bought it I thought maybe I would use it occasionally – but…**

Now, what to create? In my bag was the package of stickers I had picked up the night before while visiting Downtown Disney with friends. Their daughters had been bitten by the Vinylmation collectables bug. As they wandered through several shops that carried these intriguing little guys, I thought **I might never buy one, but they would be fun to journal or scrap about**thus the stickers. Every good scrapbook page has to have a heading, title or element that draws you in. That being said, I decided to try to recreate the logo at the top of the packaging. Here is how I did it. I am pretty happy with my first attempt, but thinking it might need to be bigger.

In a new project, go to Lacy Labels and choose the #18 Label. I am using Tammy’s (from Creative Critter Cricut Club) numbering system. On the basic tab, unlock the aspect ratio (the infinity sign between width & height labels)

Then tap on width measurement. This should highlight the number. Using the large/small buttons, make your shape wider or narrower. I had to lengthen mine without making it any taller.

Copy the final shape, and manipulate the height and width separately to create a slightly larger layer that will be the white in our final project.

Copy this shape and manipulate one more time to make a slightly larger black outline for the whole shape.

Arrange each shape on to your cutting mat.

Choose Jasmine Font, typing the word “Vinylmation”.

Use the Kerning setting to remove space between letters allowing you to weld letters together

Move the word to center in the smallest of your label shapes



After making this, I love it, but I will resize a bit bigger for the title of my page.

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Brens Designs said...

I love this tag! Great job and thanks for showing how to do it.