Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mini Scrapbooks - for a magical cruise

A few weeks ago my dear husband and I went on a weekend cruise aboard the Disney Wonder. (this was his Christmas present) The ship just arrived in So. Cal as it's new homebase. So we along with our good friends decided it would be fun to take a quick jaunt out into the Pacific Ocean, with no ports of call. The cruise was relaxing, enjoyable, and way too short.

The trip was affectionately refered to as the "Cruise to Neverland" as we were never gonna see land.... So I thought I would make Peter Pan themed mini books for our friends to store a few of their memories in.
The covers are different for each person - Peter & Wendy (our friends), Tink (Grandma), Tink (Daughter), Capt. Hook (son). The inside pages for the Hook book are "Piratey" where the others are all similar to one another, as shown below.

Cardboard cut to 5.5" x 11.5", corners rounded with Big Chomp corner rounder
Cover was cut same dimension with a 4.5" oval cut (used my Gypsy and George Cart)
Variety of patterned paper and card stock cut to cover the pages
     ---used Mod Podge Matte finish to adhere paper together
Cinch & Cinch Plastic Spiral binding to put the book together
     --- crimped ends to keep pages from sliding off (see below for more on this)

Disney Classics Cartridge:
Peter Pan (peterpan3) at 4"
Wendy at 3"
Capt. Hook at 4.5"
Ship Icon at 4.5"
Neverland Icon and layers at 4.25" - I trimmed off the trees from top layer - did not like how it cut
Map Icon at 3.75"

Tinkerbell and Friends Cartridge:
Tinkerbell at 4"

Pack Your Bags Cartridge:
Great Ship at 3.5"

Mickey and Friends Cartridge:
Hand Icon at 2"

Other Materials included:
White Puffy Paint to enhance the clouds on the island and smoke on the ships
Stickles to enhance Tink's wings, the pixie dust affect around the flying characters, the water ripples and decor on ships
Brown Chalk Ink by Creative Memories on edges of maps, sun, and other shapes
Blue Chalk Ink on edges of water

I used the plastic spiral binding from Cinch to bind the books. DH devised a way to crimp the end of the spiral to keep it from pulling through the hole. I held the end with pliers, while he heated the spot to bend with his soldering iron (count 1,2) then bend.


L.B. said...

These books are amazing...I want a cinch!!!! Thanks for sharing these awesome books.

Anonymous said...

as the recipient of these books...they are absolutely adorable in real life! Thanks for sharing these pictures and instructions. I'm still in awe :)
Is there a way to share this on FB?

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