Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Award, for me? You shouldn't have!...

Wow, I just came to my blog to find I had just received my very first blog award!! LB at Cool Beans by LB awarded this fun award to me just today! I have seen this award on other blogs and was surprised to have it passed on to me. Thank you, L.B., for making me smile!

In order to accept this award, I need to link back to the person who awarded it to me, share 8 things about myself, pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I love visiting, and contact those bloggers and let them know I have given them the Stylish Blogger award also.

So 8 things about me:

I have a great husband that makes me laugh and supports my every changing interests.
I love coffee, could be something fun like Gingerbread Latte, but really any coffee with cream will do.
I am a Disney Geek!
I have been teaching for more than 20 years.
I lived in Japan for two years while I was in college
I have a cat that enjoys doing his own brand of yoga.
I am a big Doctor Who fan.
Though I love my job, I would love to retire to have more time to really craft and quilt.

Here are eight blogs I enjoy visiting. They are very creative people, whether with words, photos, or crafts of all sortsl Some have been blogging longer than others, but I have seen their work in person, their blogs or message boards. Therefore, I am passing on this award to them. Please check them out. I am sure you will be inspired as I have been.

Crafting with Katie

Greengirl Scraps

Tx Scrapper Mom

The Cricut Spot

Cricut Croppin' with Cassandra

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

Grace Pix

Sew Green Mama


Mrs. Green said...

Thank you! You are so sweet to pick me!

Cassandra said...

Wow! How sweet...thx soooo much!

Crafting Katie said...

Congrats on your award! You deserve it! Thanks so much for passing it on to me. I'm honored!