Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog, Blog, Blog...How to start this first Blog?

Notes to self and others:
I have been considering a blog for quite some time. But what should I write about? Politics? Hmmm…. I would love to have conversations with others on this subject but not sure I am qualified to write about it. Nor do I want that to dominate my thoughts. There are too many fun and happy things to think and do to stick to what can be a source of not so positive thoughts.

I know, my Religious Views! If I thought Politics would be hard, this one would be just as rough. Again, not sure I have enough knowledge to be any help to anyone, though it is surely a much more positive topic.

What else am I interested in? Just about a hundred other topics I am sure. A large number of them center on my love of quilting, scrapbooking, stamping, genealogy, and technology. So, if that is the case …

Do I focus on one or bounce around? I suppose my blog should reflect me; eclectic and borderline A.D.D. I don’t always stay focused on one thing but I do have fun. I know I can post more often during the summer when I am off work, but I should probably get into a habit of posting on specific days. I think I will check around some of my favorite sites to see what they do before I decide that bit. Look! I have a plan. Ooooh, planning, I like planning!
 Pick a blog name
 Pick a topic or purpose for said blog
 Pick a host and template
 Post an entry
 Invite friends to come see what I have done (if you are reading this, I must have invited you.)


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