Sunday, July 25, 2010

Leftovers – Solution #2

In my first post about finding uses for extra stickers, I shared ideas grouping similar stickers on card stock to make simple but nice cards for any occasion. All of my examples were flat, simple cards. Today's examples are a bit more dimensional, using foam "pop dots" or foam tape. Still simple but bump it up a bit.
Here are a few of the things I pulled out in anticipation of this project: Cardstock, foam dots, adhesive, leftover stickers and shape punches.

Card 1:
First, place a piece of a border sticker on one edge of card (or substitute half inch wide strip of patterned paper). Then score a line horizontally along the front of the card, VERY lightly.

This will be used to line up the elements. Cut 3 squares at 1.5" and add stickers from one of your leftover sets, to the squares set on point. Add a foam dot under each one. Starting at one side of the card, line up the corners along the score line. Next, do the opposite side, leaving the center square for last. Add a saying of your own choosing (sticker, or written).

Card 2:
Cut a piece of patterned paper 4" x 5.25" and adhere on card. Score a horizontal line for this card. Punch 3 -1.25" squares. Add stickers to squares and adhere to score line with foam dots. Choose a second sticker or a saying to add to front. –This card was made with stickers from an Easter sheet but I think it would be a great baby card, so I found a sentiment that fit, "Precious".

Card 3:
For larger stickers consider mounting to cardstock. Then cut out and adhere with foam dots. Add paper strips or sticker strips for added dimension and interest.

Card 4:
Another large sticker – (This is in the shape of a tag.) Mount on coordinating cardstock and cut out. Add ribbon pieces, and a torn strip of cardstock under to add interest.

Card 5:
For this one cut cardstock into an interesting shape, in this case I used the CM Tag punch. Add borderline stickers or patterned paper to enhance the effect.

In several of these I added one or two small sticker to an inside corner to tie the card together. I realize not everyone makes cards and scrapbooks, but wouldn't it be fun to surprise someone special with a handmade note. The second card could also be used as an embelishment on a scrapbook page about a new baby. Think about how the stickers you have can be used for another event. The scrapbook supplies you probably already have on hand are all you need to make the items I have shared.

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