Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Phone Call!

Since April of 2009 I have been a happy owner of a Cricut Expression, the large paper cutting system created by Provo Craft. It is a fun machine and came with some fun perks, the best of which is a world of Cricut users who love to share what they have learned or created. We have communicated via personal Blogs and Message Boards, encouraging and challenging each other.

Last month Provo Craft announced an exclusive Cricut users club, the Cricut Circle, so naturally I had to join. In the week and a half the Cricut Circle message boards have been up and running I have had the chance to rub elbows with some truly talented men and women. I have also had the chance to participate in some challenges and contests, the first of which was PC offer to give away 500 gently used Cricut Expression machines to schools nominated by Cricut Circle members. We had a small window of time to log in, and fill out the form (was sitting in front of Monique at 8 am, getting a manicure and logging in on my Netbook).

This is my Cricut Expression getting ready to cut something out for me:

Today the Cricut Circle message boards were chirping with excitement as members started getting phone calls from Provo Craft today, saying the school they nominated had won a Cricut! The rest of us walked around all day with phones glued to our every movement, just in case we were lucky enough to get the same phone call.

Around 12:30pm the phone rang. I waited the appropriate amount of time, and answered - did not want to seem to anxious- I answered in my most charming and polite voice. This is want I heard, "Hi, my name is Frank. I am with XYZ Air Duct Cleaning Company. We are in the neighborhood..blah blah blah..." I was crushed. But now I had to hang up nicely and quickly so as not to take out my frustration on poor Frank, and NOT miss the phone call from ProvoCraft. (insert mopey face here)

Then at 3:11pm the phone rang again. Since it has seemed to ring uncontrollably all summer, only 2 calls in one day seemed odd. I answered appropriately again. This time I heard, "Hi, this is Linda, from Provo Craft. Is this Sauni ? I am calling to let you know that the school you nominated will be getting one of our Cricut Expressions."... So to my coworkers, we should have a new toy to play with in Sept/Oct when it arrives.! I promise to help you figure out all the bells and whistles.

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kirstin said...

exciting! can't wait to try it!