Saturday, July 24, 2010

Leftovers - Solution #1

I love to by packages of embellishments and stickers that go with a scrapbook layout I am planning. There are usually a few stickers on the sheet that I just have to have. I am sure you are the same way. I think most of us that scrapbook, stamp, or do other paper crafting do the same thing. But after organizing my materials a bit better, I have been struck with the question –“What do I do with leftovers I found in my stash?” My goal this week is to try some of the ideas floating around in my head, or in the blogosphere… in hopes of answering this question, AND use some of my own left overs.

Solution #1: Make some simple but beautiful cards:

To try this for yourself you will need the following materials:
I used stickers from the same strip or set to ensure that the color and design go well with each other. For these particular cards I just set the stickers flat on the smaller mat piece and then adhere this mat on to the card. Since the style of the card depends on what stickers you have, I will let the design be your choice. Remember in design odd numbers of objects give a better balance.

Card base: 1 piece cardstock (5.5” x 8.5”) – this is half a letter sized piece, or an A2 sized card
Mat #1: 1 piece cardstock (5.25” x 4”)
Mat #2: 1 piece cardstock (5” x 3.75”) – optional
Left over stickers
If you have left over printed paper or cardstock you purchased to go with a specific sticker set, try using them as your card and mat.

Solution #2 - Adding dimension to leftovers.

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