Monday, July 26, 2010

Waiting to hear...

I have been working at the District Office all day on a curriculum committee. Though I promise I was focused on the task at hand, part of me kept thinking…”Will I get a call? Or an email? Or will I learn the winner when I log on to the Cricut Circle Message Boards?” What am I so anxious about? I entered a contest about a week and a half ago using my Cricut and Bazzil Papers. All of our cards (entries) were for the Leukemia Foundation. The card maker who wins the contest (use ProvoCraft tools, and Bazzil Papers in a creative way) will get a trip to “Creative Escapes” scrapbook/paper craft retreat. See link for more info.

I sent in the following card as my entry.
I used the Cricut Gypsy to play with several different designs and cuts – a sea horse + coral + sea weed = Leafy Sea Dragon, my favorite animal. I love how he came out, but now I have to make one for myself!

It is now 4:36 pm Pacific Time…I still have not heard… I sure hope someone wins soon.

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