Sunday, April 3, 2011

Classroom Projects

Even though my last few posts have stated I have not done anything crafty lately, I guess it really isn't true. I just finished some classroom signs I have been wanting to do.

First, I keep finding myself writing the same thing over and over on my whiteboard to help keep my students and myself organized. So that was my first job to tackle. Here is my board as it was on Friday afternoon.

Working from left to right:
Days of the Week: Designer's Calendar (2.8") - used for specific notes we need to remember
Helpers: Nate's ABC's for letters (3.7"), Designer's Calendar circles (2.5") - I have two kids each day that do all the "helper" jobs like taking things to the office, passing papers....
Reach: - Mickey and Friends Font (4" with shadow) - My ELD rotation notes - they don't always need the same materials
Voyager: (? at 3") - Reading rotation notes - for daily materials
Math: Hello Kitty Font (4.5") - I teach a combo - this is the part of the day that gets the most confusing
2nd/3rd grade Icons: Locker Talk (4" and 2.8")
Classwork/Homework: Locker Talk (2")

I cut, glued and laminated all of the pieces. Then I attached magnetic strips to the back. (Thank you to the parent that donated a ton of scraps of magnetic sign material to the school a year ago)

Then I cut signs for my file boxes. These boxes hold daily hanging folders that hold worksheets, lesson plans, and materials needed, as well as the Teacher's Editions used.

Each is cut at 3.8" to glue to 4" x 7" rectangles:
Rotation: Don Juan
ELA: Varsity Letter (I have to do this one again - laminating peeled off...)
Math: Nate's ABC's
(not in this picture) Other: Ashlyn's Alphabet

I used binder rings to hang these signs to the boxes. They don't close but work well as a hanger. I know this isn't a spectacular project, but believe me they are necessary!


just2ducky said...

Now thats organized!!! Looks great.

Crafting Katie said...

You are so organized! It's very fun to see how another 2/3 teacher has her classroom set up. :-)

L.B. said...

This looks great. Your classroom is colorful and I love that