Friday, April 15, 2011

Disneyland and new projects

We had a great day at Disneyland today.My husband and I have annual passes. We usually go over for a few hours at a time, a meal or snack, one ride or an event/show...Today we arrived just before the gates opened at 9 am and got home (10 minute drive) about 8:30 tonight. Basically a whole day. Wow! I know my nose and sholders are a bit red, toes are tired, but we had a blast wandering around.

Hubby said I looked like the true tourist today with bags, straps, camera, maps... What do you think? Funny we had a 78-80 degree sunny day at this end of the state, while all of my friends in my hometown (other end of CA) got snow yesterday. Gotta love all the choices of weather in one state.

I have started on a birthday gift bag and card project that will take most of tomorrow to finish. Here is one of the cuts to keep you thinking.

I will be posting the blog candy and more project info later this morning.


Melissa said...

I cannot even imagine living 10 minutes from DL! LUCKY!

DonnaGravel said...

Wow, what a long day. Glad you had fun!

Kris said...

I wish I was that close to Disney!!!

Mrs. Wiggles said...

You are so lucky to live so close to Disney. Glad you had a good time. You have certainly had a wonderful birthday week. Wishing you many, many more.