Saturday, April 30, 2011

Gotta Love Those Gift Bags

So, I think I am hooked on making gift bags and matching cards. I almost, notice I said ALMOST, don't care about what is inside just as long as I can come up with a fun outside.

This was for the last of the April birthdays in our "foster family" group of friends. She is a great cook and loves anything kitchen, cooking related. So I made a few aprons for her and found a fun cookbook with lots of yummy pictures. Don't you just love looking at the pictures in a cookbook?

This is just a straight 1/2 apron that is reversible. The other side is the same fabrics in reverse.
Since the gift was kitchen themed I thought I would splash the bag with the same.

This is a 12x16 bag.
Nifty 50's cart:
Background splash:

9.5 in - Motel Phrase, Layer 3 (Bobunny Dots)
            Motel Phrase, Shadow (solid pink card stock)
White gel pen stitching

Bag Elements:
3 in. - Apron (scraps of paper?)
          Oven Mitt
Glossy Accents on the buttons

From My Kitchen cart:
Bag Elements:
4 in. - Oven
          Muffin Tin
          Recipe Card
5 in. - cake
Clear star gel pen highlights and stitching on the muffin tin
White puff paint, and stickles on the cake and cake stand
Nate's ABC's cart:
0.6 and 1.2 in. Letters for "Cookin' up some fun"

From My Kitchen:
4 in. - recipe card
        - decorative layer
2.5 in. - saying (can't remember the cart)

Well, I am off to scrapbook for the whole day with some friends, one of which owns a scrapbooking store.
"Happy National Scrapbooking Day!"


Maria said...

Those aprons are great. I may have to try my hand at that. The gift bag is amazing, a gift all by itself!

Maria said...

Hi. I have an award I'd like to share with you.
Here's the link:

L.B. said...

gift bags are my favorite as well Love this one.