Sunday, April 3, 2011

Quilts, Projects, and a Give Away

With my Sendai slides all scanned, and my Japan life memorabilia sorted and organized, I am back on track with other projects I left behind. A week or so ago, I went through the quilts I have collected in my quilt boxes made by Kerry of  Kerry's Kollectibles (love these boxes -- I am sure I need more!). I found 5 I had made that I did not have a specific reason to make. They have been waiting for good homes. Here they are laid out on my bed (polka dots in the background are my pillow cases)

I packed them in the car and took them to Calico House, a local quilting shop where quilts were being collected to be sent to Japan. I hear they have collected over 200 quilts so far. I love it! Wish I could take a few weeks off of work and quilt a bunch of my unfinished projects quickly to add to these numbers.

My quilts at Calico House, being counted...
Today, I spent the afternoon in my sunny sewing room, finishing a quilted bag I started a few weeks ago. It measures 10 x 12, with a 4.5" wide base. I finished it off with a cardboard base and fabric sleeve for the base.

I had a little bit of the lining fabric left, and am in need of a new checkbook I thought I would give it a try. I think my first attempt came out pretty good without much of a pattern. I even added an elastic/button closure.

I have a few things to perfect on the checkbook like making a slightly stiffer writing area, and cleaner corners. But I think the pattern as a whole is very workable.

What do you think? Every time I make a new bag or something else stitched, I get asked by colleagues how much I would charge to make them one. I have no idea what to charge someone..

So I am asking you, my readers/followers, what would you be willing to pay for the bag or the checkbook cover?

Take a minute to comment, Tell be your suggested price for the bag and or checkbook,  and you might be the winner of your very own quilted checkbook cover, made to order (you get to pick the colors).

I will be drawing a name at random next Saturday, April 9th.


Anonymous said...

I love ALL the quilts you've made! And the checkbook cover's so cute! Donating your wonderfully made quilts is just the most beautiful thing! Donating just 1 is great but 5?! You're super amazing! -RS

Grace Pixs said...

Hi Sauni...I know someone who has a business making bags and such, really good at what she does, like you. Her name is Linda Raycraft. She can be found on: and She is the cousin of a friend of mine. Also, I had a great experience involving your purple bag/purse. Lady saw it and wanted to buy it right off my arm! Got her email address and will send to you.

Anonymous said...

How does $20 sound? How long does it take to make? J$

Desiree Beyea said...

Love everything! Absolutely beautiful. I would love one of the checkbook covers. I couldn't even guess at what to sell them for.

L.B. said...

so wish I could sew...need to learn. My mom would love for me to ask her to teach me. Your quils are so pretty and will be well loved and used.